Brand new, practical knowledge at the highest possible level concerning Facebook advertising campaigns.

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Become a PRO: Facebook advertising campaigns

ONE DAY WORKSHOP, LONDON, 19.06.2015, 10.00am - 5.00pm

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Time and time again we’re being told that Facebook is a powerful marketing tool and that brands should be pro-active in social media. However most of the FB advertising features remain unknown. Over and over again companies are being told to promote their business activities on Facebook. Many of them have. However, the key knowledge of how to drive conversions from FB advertising campaigns remains a mystery for many.

The FB advertising system is being constantly developed. New features are being added every week so it pays to be up to date.

About the project

This project is for those who want something more than basic knowledge. Those who want to become more advanced within the FB advertising system.

This includes entrepreneurs and marketers who have no experience with FB advertising but would also suit the more advanced FB user who would like to dig a little deeper.

Please find more details below and we hope to see you in one of the many cities throughout the UK!

The FB advertising system is by far the most developed in terms of ad targeting possibilities. Secondly it’s one of the cheapest cost-per-click ways to reach your target audience. One strong argument against Facebook ads is that people log into FB to check what’s up with their friends rather than to search for your offers.

Critics would point to the Google AdWords system where ads appear in search results only if there is an expressed desire to look for those particular goods or products. This is true, so, Google: 1, Facebook: 0. But that’s not game over. The truth is, you should not rely solely on Google because sadly, but this is true– there is often not enough people searching for what you do in order to settle for just that.


Why the FB advertising system?

Here comes the FB advertising system. We place ads targeting people by who they are, what they like, where they work and what they are interested in and then they express an interest in such a course.

To sum up: Google is great to reach people who are searching for you. Facebook ads are great to reach those who haven’t but we know they should!

Do you know how many people in Britain, monthly type „facebook workshop” into Google? 100 000? 300 000? It’s 20 people.

Does it mean that there is no demand? Quite the opposite. People are extremely interested in the subject but only if thay are being told about it. Somehow typing that into Google just hasn’t entered their mind yet.

What are the possibilities?

Do you know that you can now target fans of every FB page with ads and successfully attract their audience? Do you know that on Facebook you can target your mailing list or people who’ve recently visited your website? Or launch an ad targeting one person or a group based on their Facebook IDs?

New functionalities are being added every week. Do not expect results based on past Facebook ad strategies. Under no circumstances should you use the "Promote post” or "Promote page” buttons you may have seen on your Facebook page. They won’t let you do proper targeting nor choose to "bid for clicks” – using them is costly and ineffective. The success of your Facebook ads campaign depends on proper targeting. Focus on brand new options and you will start to see great results soon.


Firstly I’ll ask you about your target group – who you want to reach through your Facebook ads. Than we’ll move on to setting your conversion goals – what metrics should you measure in order to be sure the ad campaign is bringing you profit. Next we’ll take a quick look at the landing pages you’re going to be driving traffic to. A quality landing page is essential before we launch a campaign. After that we’ll look through the most current FB ad formats and choose those that best fit your goals.

What are we going to cover?


Then we’ll enter both Facebook Ads Manager and Facebook Power editor, which is a more advanced ad tool, to guide you step-by-step through the process of setting up a powerful and successful ad campaign. We’ll talk not only about advanced targeting but also about a proper campaign structure. Finally we’ll concentrate on the FB conversion tracking system: how to set up a so called conversion pixel in order to easily analyse which target group is bringing you the most results. This will enable you to concentrate your budget only on those potential clients who are most interested.

What experience will I be basing this upon?


My Facebook marketing experience dates back to 2009. Since 2012 I’ve been running a social media marketing agency – Social Media Now.

We are experts in advanced performance-based Facebook advertising campaigns. We’ve been successfully operating for dozens of companies from different market sectors, as well as Public Sector institutions and NGO-s.

As you may have guessed I was not born in Britain – I’m from Poland, where I’ve conducted more than 3000 hours of online marketing workshops for a host of diverse businesses.

As Social Media Now we also work for British companies thanks to our cooperation with Tradedoubler – a performance-based advertising platform.

My name is Piotr Chmielewski. I have been operating within online marketing since 2007.

New! Social Media Now featured at Facebook.com/business website!

This information was confirmed after recording of the videos: our agency is now featured at the Facebook.com/business website, which is a catalogue of best Facebook case studies from all around the world. We were awarded for our advertising campaign for an interior design platform (Homebook).

"Homebook.pl worked with social media agency Social Media Now, which specializes in performance-based Facebook campaigns."

"By creating a large number of precise targeted groups and by continuously optimising and monitoring performance, strong campaign results were achieved, says Piotr Chmielewski, founder of Social Media Now."


London: 19.06.2015. (10:00am - 5:00pm)


1 Frederick’s Place

Off Old Jewry

EC2R 8AE, London

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